Curriculum docente DOTT. STANLEY MIGUEL (versione estesa)
Dr. Miguel Stanley received his degree as a D.D.S. at ISCS-Sul in Lisbon -1998. He then went on to work at a private practice of General Dentistry in Almancil, Algarve 1998/2000, where he learnt his passion for prosthodontics. In order to improve his knowledge in the field of fixed oral rehabilitation he assisted the Implant Surgical Training course, given by Dr. Dennis Tarnow from the New York University College of Dentistry in Lisbon 1999. As a result he then completed his implant training at the Branemark Centre CEOSA in Madrid, Spain, between 2000/2001. At the same time setting up his private practice in the heart of Lisbon, where he practices exclusively. In 2002 he did a clinical internship side by side with Paulo Maló, at the Clnica Maló in Lisbon. Deciding then that oral rehabilitation would be his true vocation. In order to understand better concepts of Aesthetics, he attended the aesthetic course at CEOSA, in Madrid, Spain throughout the year of 2002. He as attended most major lectures and symposiums around the world over the last years that have pushed him forward as both a clinician, and as a restorative dentist. Following closely the works of Dr. Garber, Dr. Misch, Dr. Salama, Dr. Tarnow, Dr. Jovanovich, Dr.Steinberg, Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Frieberg amongst others. Learning from their valuable experience, that they so kindly share with all colleagues over so many years.In 2005 he attended The Ultimate Occlusion Programme ? Advanced Education in Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry Hornbrook Group in Chicago. Dr. Stanley is constantly looking for new things to implement in his growing team, at his clinic in Lapa, Lisbon where he practices exclusively in Aesthetic Oral Rehabilitation. In June 2007 he started his international lecture entitled, ?NO HALF SMILES?, at the Biohorizon Symposium followed by International Symposium Quintessence in Moscow October 2007, XI Master de Implantología y Rehabilitación Oral in Barcelona, March 2008 and BioHorizons Symposium ? Novos Horizontes na Implantologia in Lisbon, April 2008. This lecture focuses on complete care dentistry guided marketing. He has created over the last 5 years a number of trends in Portugal, such as the Dental Spa Clinic, WH!TE, a free dental education programme for children, and an image consultancy company eLLora, to further deliver complete care to his patients. He has lectured and given courses over the years for several implant companies. He writes articles for Dentistry Magazine, and monthly reviews for the general public regarding dentistry. Since 2001, he has the only site on the Portuguese internet aimed at answering questions and promoting oral care to over 800 000 users a month, on Portugal?s leading Portal SAPO. He is a guest on several TV programmes to the publics understanding of dentistry, and is currently filming the second season of hit TV programme ?Dr. Preciso de Ajuda?, that he produces and participates in that had over a million viewers weekly in its first season. He is a Member of the Portuguese Dental Association; OMD; Member of SPEMD; Board Member of the very recent Portuguese Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry APED; Member of the Scientific Committee for Dentistry Magazine and a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.